Integrating uneducated youth and creating jobs for uneducated persons by producing furniture and interio projects. First production started in the end of 2014. Over the years we developed a vast portfolio of satisfied customers and unique projects. More information you can find on

Industrial bed. 140cm x 200cm. 1100 RON (€275,-)

Coathanger made from pallet and reclaimed wood. 400 RON

Coffee table made from pallet wood. 600 RON

Industrial tables custom made. Used in the production facility with high end CNC machines. Table tops made from old shipping crates.

Benches and tables made from 20cm wide planks. Scaffold wood look.

2017-04-04 13.06.42

Lunchroom table, bench and hockers for a Romanian tech company

product 3

Christmastrees made from reclaimed palletwood


Gift boxes